All you need to know about felt

A brief felt history

According to the researchers, felt is believed to be one of the earliest textile forms (1). While there are various legends of where felt making started, some dating back to Noah's ark, popularly it's believed the process began in central Asia.

In Nepal (where our products are made) felt making is still an important part of folk tradition which has transformed into an art form. The technique was/is traditionally used to make floor mats, rugs and blankets. The rug commonly known as 'raadi' is Oon founder's first interaction with felt (which is since they landed on planet earth).

Raadi rug

Raadi Rug. Image credit :

This skill of felted rug (raadi) originated from the people in the Himalayan and mountainous regions; used for making small to large floor coverings and jackets out of Yak’s wool (natural, un-dyed) for personal uses exclusively.

Eventually, this art form over the years was commercialised and applied to create different types of products.

At present this art form of making 'raadi' is at the verge of being extinct, however, at Oon we aim to continue the traditional skill with the help of artisans in contemporary forms.

So what is felt?

Felt is textile form of wool created with bare hands, soap and water. While synthetic forms are also available, we love wool for its many different beneficial properties including it being ecologically responsible.