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'Grishm' Ethos

"The sense tantalizing fragrant spices in the air on a hot summer day with brightest of contrasting colours for eyes." Life in Madhesi towns of Nepal inspire Grishm.

Grishm carries on from where we left at our travels last season. We stopped at Madhes/Terai. Where Ghar captured the essence of the place and memories, Grishm meaning summer season in Nepali encapsulates the visual observation of this part of Nepal.

Keywords Earth, lowland, agriculture, swamp, clay, spices, hot, Tharus, Mithila art form the mood board.

Right from where we derive our season's colours rust, azure, plum, rosa, tangelo and magenta. Together with our core hues Grishm comes to life.

In Grishm we take a pause and look back at our journey, our core beliefs and what we bring forth; No fast consumerism, sustainability in design and our manufacturing process, meaningful addition to our homes. So you will see some of our most loved creations nuanced by those deep tantalizing hues.

AW19 Collection carries an undertone of 'Boho', is richly artisanal, pieces are versatile as always, working beautifully together, on its own or with others.

Oon Kids sees us introducing some beautiful pastel shades in our core designs. Those deeper hues have been balanced by natural ivory, granite, black and fresh pastels.

With Grishm we expand our floor covering range. It's been over 2 years in the making as we/our amazing women partners worked on crafting some of the best quality of felt rugs out there. We continue to innovate, experiment and create with our signature fibre 'wool felt' in our new Manalu and Asan rug.

Whether you follow 'less is more' or 'more is more' school, Grishm will serve you with beautiful ivory, grey, monochrome, soft pinks or earthy rich rust, plum and azure, with the rustic look of ombre, casual with tassel to tailored, geometric pattern, with good serving of texture to tactility of shag pile.

As proud and grateful the women whom we have trained over 2 years who hand made these items are us of Grishm. We hope you enjoy and love the pieces.

We are immensely thankful to Louise Roche of Villa Styling for her excellent styling and photography.

Shop Grishm here

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