'Grishm' Ethos

"The sense tantalizing fragrant spices in the air on a hot summer day with brightest of contrasting colours for eyes." Life in Madhesi towns of Nepal inspire Grishm.

Grishm carries on from where we left at our travels last season. We stopped at Madhes/Terai. Where Ghar captured the essence of the place and memories, Grishm meaning summer season in Nepali encapsulates the visual observation of this part of Nepal.

Keywords Earth, lowland, agriculture, swamp, clay, spices, hot, Tharus, Mithila art form the mood board.

Right from where we derive our season's colours rust, azure, plum, rosa, tangelo and magenta. Together with our core hues Grishm comes to life.

In Grishm we take a pause and look back at our journey, our core beliefs and what we bring forth; No fast consumerism, sustain