We love Cuba for its simple, classic design that accentuates colours and the texture of felt. With granite (a natural, undyed colour) as base and contrasting magenta/tangelo borders Cuba Holi injects a colourful punch to your interiors yet beautifully highlights the artisanal feature with uneven borders. Supremely soft and plush underfeet, Cuba mat makes for a bedside rug, functions as a bath/door mat or even as hallway runner. Cuba has all the good properties of wool and sheds lesser than your normal handtufted wool rug. With twice the thickness of regular felt mats Cuba provides noise insulation too. Currently available in two sizes and four colourways there's one for every interior and can be easily mixed and matched.


Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm, 70 x 150 cm

Custom sizes are now available for Cuba such as 120 x180 cm. Email Us.

Material: 100% NZ wool handmade felt not to be mistaken