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Designed in Melbourne, handcrafted in the Himalayas.

Oon ("wool" in Nepali) is an Australian label that combines fashion forwardness with the work of artisans that’s been honed over years.

​Handcrafted from finest cashmere and other naturally luxe raw materials (merino, linen, NZ wool) Oon brings fine and distinctive cashmere products and felt home wares.

Why Oon Cashmere,

Our yarn is  industriously hand spun and each Oon piece is crafted individually in traditional looms and low tech machines (reducing our carbon footprints).
Produced in small batches (no mass production),

our pieces are Light, feather-soft, warm, resilient and hard wearing.


Oon essential and basic ranges are trans-seasonal, perfect layering pieces and great for travel. A basic sweater will see you through spring/summer at night or airconditioning which can be layered in winter for added warmth. Repeat a year after and next and another but do look after your oon and it will look after you.


The art of knitting is what makes the difference. Oon works with master artisans who have been honing and keeping the art alive with generations to create our items. Take our Vertou Scarf/shawl for example, With every wash it gets softer and fluffier. Always the same luxe feel, superbly warm but super light. Unlike machine woven scarves Vertou retains its shape and is non-stretchy.

Fashion forward yet comfortable and practical but not fast fashion.

Our felt,
Organic shapes, memories of growing up in the traditional, whimsical and colourful city of Kathmandu combined with modern day lifestyle define Oon felt homewares range.

Not all felt are made the same and ethically produced as it is a labour intense process.

If you have ever been to Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal) you will know felt and felt ball rugs are almost everywhere. Specially in the tourist hub, they are very popular souvenirs. Hence there are several felt importers and sellers overseas, however there are only few factories producing high quality, ethically made felt products.

Oon has tirelessly worked with few of such producers to craft our goods. Take our rugs or our baskets, they have been beautifully and tirelessly hand felted and as such stand out with their dense, non-wobbly, less pilling quality.


Oon supports small cottage industry and independent female producers.


Oon is also an environment conscious ethical brand.


We are comitted to fair prices so that artisans can afford a good living wage, ensure the craft survives and thus contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of the community. Made of mostly women artisans, a good wage means a safer working environment and not only good living conditions but also basic education for children.

When you purchase an Oon item you are not only helping to preserve generations of skill and craft but also contribute towards a better economic life of the artisans.

Oon works with natural, environment friendly and renewable materials only. The manufacturing process is low tech, utilising traditional handlooms, natural sunlight and environment friendly dyes.

Oon is fun, positively colourful; It is where luxury meets everyday comfort. Each Oon item is hand made to last.

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