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11 cm x 30 cm height


All items are made of natural, renewable materials only. 100% wool felt.

Care instructions:

Wool has natural antibacterial properties and is also a dirt repellant. Spot cleaning with light soapy water. Dry cleaning is best, for larger items.

Country of origin:

We craft our line in Nepal for the quality of our cashmere, wool and the high level of our workmanship which make Oon a truly luxury label. Each Oon item is hand crafted to last.

Our felt vases are make beautiful decor pieces on their own.  You can also use it to dress up a bottle with plants and flowers in it. Apart from its beautiful texture you will like also like its soft feel. Feel free to creatively use it around your house.

Marble Felt vase small

$19.90 Regular Price
$7.96Sale Price
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