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nspired by the traditional wooden floor stools in Nepalese household, Pods pirka is sure to become a must have as ‘pirka’ used to be with its versatility and resilience because of the way it's constructed and a thick built. It is not your average chair cushion and will retain its shape and structure. Pirka has been laboriously handmade at the given height after several trials and errors. That height and curves used to be 'impossible' to make until now.Not to be confused with the shorter/thinner felt chair cushions found in felt shops in Kathmandu that are also exported. Our Pirka sits at twice the height and with thickness like ours (read layers and layers of wool) takes triple the time and effort to creat a single piece. Pods pirka can be used as bench seats, floor cushions or scatter cushion. You can use it for meditation seat too. Dimensions:
38 cm diameter x 8 cm height
100% wool felt not to be mistaken with polyester felt.
Care instructions:
Wool has natural antibacterial properties and is also a dirt repellant. Spot clean with light soapy water. Dry cleaning is best, for larger items.
Made by hands


Pods Pirka Granite

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