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Ruffle Felt Square Cushion is created individually with layers and layers of wool. So each piece is unique. After trials and errors of making ruffles from felt we are pretty happy with what we have created and hope you like it too. Fun fact, our felt is handmade from kilos of loose wool. So is the 'ruffle'. Neither are machine made polyester ready-to-cut fabrics cut and sewn, nor do we call a slight scrubbed fabric a felt. Ours is a journey from fiber to fabric to the end product. You will appreciate Ruffle Felt Cushion for its beautiful texture, a hint of bohemia with a touch of retro, colour palette and simplicity that invites serene and artisan feel to your space. You'll love to regale your guests with the story of how this velvety-soft cushion was handcrafted in Nepal

Dimension : 50 cm square.


Material: Sustainability and environment are priority. All items are made of eco-friendly, sustainable materials only. 100% NZ wool felt.


Care instructions: Wool has natural antibacterial properties and is also a dirt repellant. Spot cleaning with light soapy water. Dry cleaning is best, for larger items.


Made by hand: We choose to craft our line in Nepal for the quality of our cashmere, wool and the high level of our workmanship which make Oon a truly luxury label. Each Oon item is hand crafted to last.

Ruffle Felt Square Cushion

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