'Falgun' Ethos

Oon AW18 collection 'Falgun'

This season Oon goes bolder and brighter with ‘Falgun’. Falgun is a Nepalese calendar month synonymous with the big colour festival ‘holi’, beginning of spring.

Holi Image

Image via londontheinside.com

AW18 is inspired by the idea of ‘holi’- both experience and observance of it. The colors; bright and contrasting, feelings of fun and joy felt during the season are palpable. Elements of influence such as ‘Kantha’ stitching from India are subtly embedded in the collection.

Signature, a juxtaposition of carefully considered textures all work to compliment each other. Geometric patterns paired back with organic shapes, tailored stitching with natural textures and rawness of simple structure with the luxurious velvety felt.