'Ghar' Collection Ethos

This year Bohemian is a broad design theme for us upon which we built our collection deriving inspiration from Nepal.

Ghar’ means Home/House in Nepali, which is the source of inspiration both figuratively and literally. Here the designer is travelling down the memory lane, childhood days and bringing in the inspiration from things surrounded by at ‘ghar’ and places been to.

“Growing up I was lucky enough to travel to many small towns and villages in all three main regions of Nepal: Himalayan, Hilly and Terai/Madhesh with distinct ethnic, indigenous communities and unique cultures and practices.

For SS18 I stopped at Madhesh. Geographically it’s the foothill of Himalayas, shares border with India, is bright and colourful, and weather is extreme hot most of the year.

An artist depiction of 'haat'/bazaar. Image sourced from Pinterest. Artist/original source unknown. If you are aware of the details please email us.

Women always being integral part of our work here at Oon, inspiration was drawn from our Madhesi sisters. Bright contrasting hues of cotton saris, lightweight, breathable fabric. You don’t see so much of colours together in other region of the country. These hardworking women are involved in almost all kinds of income generating works; one of my favourites being pottery. Making clay vessels was a favorite childhood ‘game’. Pinching penny for the ‘changa’/kite, balloons at weekly markets locally referred as ‘haat’ which had the feels of a fete.

Image Conor Ashleigh

Image Conor Ashleigh

‘Ghar’ is a collage of all these memories. Gelato colours for the new Oon kids, and bright cheerful hues, tassels, in Oon Home from days in Madhesi town, new ‘pottery’ forms for our vessels.

Image Conor Ashleigh